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BZFlag 1.7c-2

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BZFlag version 1.7c-2 is a version of the BZFlag game. First official open source release.


  • misc. changes for solaris - Björn Augustsson
  • changed u_int* to uint*
  • replaced [ds]rand48() with [s]rand()
  • changed variable name `sun' with 'theSun'
  • changed ioctl FIONBIO to fcntl O_NDELAY
  • changed FNDELAY to O_NDELAY
  • glColor*() are macros; changed code that took address of function
  • no hstrerror
  • solaris defines SIG_PF
  • added unofficial solaris config - Björn Augustsson
  • porting is not complete
  • not included in platform list
  • made generic linux config - Phillip Ezolt
  • ifdef'd DEADLINE code for irix
  • static/dynamic libaudio fix for irix
  • friend class workaround for irix 7.2.1 compilers
  • fixed broadcasting and multicasting on linux