BZFlag 1.7d-5

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BZFlag version 1.7d-5 is a version of the BZFlag game.


  • now allows user to configure a debug build (e.g. make linux-i386-debug)
  • cleaned up some compiler warnings
  • fixed silliness in PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR stuff in win32
  • fixed multicasting support
  • fixed sound volume bug (reset to zero in config if quit when paused)
  • fixed handling of window close under X windows
  • fixed several serious bugs in sound filtering
    • coordinate system was totally wrong
    • various calculations were incorrect
  • improved sound support on linux and got sound working on linux ppc
  • improved stereo panning filtering
    • new transfer function does better directional attenuation
  • added inter-aural delay to enhance stereo separation
  • added support for brightness control (i.e. gamma correction)
    • only available on PseudoColor or DirectColor visuals under X
    • only available on win32 if using colormap or SetDeviceGammaRamp() works
  • added custom visual choosing algorithm on X (to prefer DirectColor over True)
    • making it more likely to get a gamma correctable visual
  • added support for destroying/recreating OpenGL context on-the-fly
    • required to support dynamic video format chaning on win32
  • support for dynamic changing of video format on xfree86 and win32
    • removed startup format picker on win32 -- change format through options
  • improved integration with win32 desktop (alt-tab, screen saver, etc.)
    • minimizes on loss of focus; disables annoying key sequences
  • config file on win32 now saved in a consistent location