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BZFlag 1.7d-6

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BZFlag version 1.7d-6 is a version of the BZFlag game.


  • now allows user to configure a non-optimized build (e.g. make linux-noopt)
  • added tarball make target to gather source tree into a tarball
  • modified spec file for RPM packaging - Tim Riker
  • more sound fixes
    • now always writes sound even when silent (which simplifies things)
    • now handles failure of SNDCTL_DSP_SETFRAGMENT
    • BZF_NOAUDIO_POST env var disables latency workaround when SETFRAGMENT fails
    • fixed bug that caused some truncated chunks
  • video format menu now uses multiple pages if lots of formats
  • now ungrabs mouse on pause and grabs on resume (if grabbing)
  • players now drop a team flag when pausing (prevents a cheat)
  • made some readouts more readable at low resolution (changed font)
  • changes to bzfs to make it more robust against network errors
  • fixed bzfs messages to bzfls (was only ever sending ADD messages)
  • bzfls now keeps traffic statistics (SIGUSR2 dumps to /var/tmp/bzfls.cnt)
  • added man pages for bzfls and bzfrelay