BZFlag 1.7d-7

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BZFlag version 1.7d-7 is a version of the BZFlag game.


  • added sym link for bzfs in RPM spec file - can't launch server from client without it
  • changed RPM naming scheme to be more standard (now named 1.7d.7)
  • fixes for solaris compiler
  • fixed tarball make target to include top level directory
  • fixes to avoid making OpenGL calls after exiting main
  • fixed mix-up between brightness and volume controls on options menu
  • fixed busy wait bug in linux sound code
  • incremented number of sound chunks on linux and fixed low water mark
  • reduced sound latency on linux
  • doubled sound volume
  • fixes for linux resolution changes (now destroys/recreates OpenGL contexts)
  • workaround for accelerated glx preventing screen redraw after exit
  • added -3dfx and -no3dfx bzflag options to set/unset MESA_GLX_FX