BZFlag 1.7e

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BZFlag version 1.7e is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2001-01-26.


  • Tim Riker <> now maintainer
  • build now 3 digits so alpha sorts work (until we hit 1.10? ;-)
  • copyright and naming changes
  • save flaghelp and score state
  • FreeBSD patch - Eric Anholt
  • world creation reordering to support world from file
  • compilation with VC++6 - Jeremiah Moss
  • world from a file - Daniel Léonard
  • travel underneath floating buildings - Jeremiah Moss
  • radar update to not hide teleporters under buildings - Jeremiah Moss
  • teleporter player positioning - Jeremiah Moss
  • bottoms on floating buildings - Jeremiah Moss
  • Windows highest refresh rate on program switch - Jeremiah Moss
  • dns lookups on list server for faster server lists
  • non-blocking I/O for bzfs and name lookups - crs
  • phantom player fix - Frank Siegert