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BZFlag 1.7e6

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BZFlag version 1.7e6 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2002-06-19 under the title "Armoured Smashing Fist".


  • new HUD! - David Trowbridge, Tim Riker, many others
  • added temporary bans (minutes) - Dave Brosius
  • Can now build entire win32 installer from VC Workspace - Dave Brosius
  • non-listserver connection gave as host: fixed - Dave Brosius
  • added private messages - Frank Thilo
  • modified / added roaming support for observers - Frank Thilo
  • added /idlekick server option - Frank Thilo
  • fix /ban and add /unban - Frank Thilo
  • allow both -mp # and -mp #,#,#,#,# - Frank Thilo
  • CTF flag returning to base fixes - Frank Thilo
  • sort teams by score, sort in self - Janne Hassinen, Tim Riker
  • observer hack, should be a team - Frank Thilo
  • /countdown, /lagwarn - Frank Thilo
  • PatchId fixes - Frank Thilo, Tim Riker
  • New lag measurement using pings - Frank Thilo
  • Reassign keyboard menu is now in two columns - Dave Brosius
  • Fix MsgMessage and CLIENTQUERY handling - Frank Thilo
  • -ban - David Trowbridge, Dave Brosius, Tim Riker
  • Mac OSX work - Kevin Avila <>
  • -cr random ctf maps - Tim Riker, Frank Thilo
  • bots in building fix - Tim Riker, Harry Dodgson
  • Pause and not responding on HUD - Frank Thilo
  • Message History buffer - Dave Brosius (cleaned by Tim Riker)
  • Nemesis set on direct receive - Frank Thilo
  • LT and RT command line aliases for shell impaired - Tim Riker
  • radar shade flags by altitude - Tim Riker (reworked from Jeremiah)
  • different kill msgs - Sal Gonzalez, Tim Riker
  • brighter radar colors - Tim Riker with much input from others
  • team colored shock wave - Tim Riker
  • team colored lasers - Dave Brosius
  • turn off ctf, if bases not found in world file - Dave Brosius
  • patchid optimization for new clients - Dave Brosius
  • udp request fix for later clients - Tim Riker
  • MsgEnter should not be patched for ID - Frank Thilo
  • Removed superfluous buffer copies in bzfs buffer sends - Dave Brosius
  • Better pack/unpack code for vectors [3] - Dave Brosius
  • Fix Teamflag drop over building when building at 0,0,0 - Dave Brosius
  • Fix flags spawning in pyramids - Dave Brosius
  • Fix client crashes with UNKNOWNS - Valery Fouques
  • fix patchMessage for MsgAlive - Dave Brosius
  • fix find closest flag (ID) with flags on buildings - Dave Brosius
  • scale flags bases on elevation - Tim Riker
  • don't scale radar based on screen res - Tim Riker
  • flag radar updated - Tim Riker
  • new admin commands - Tim Riker
  • -pr for reconnect port (two port tcp) - Tim Riker