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BZFlag 1.7g0

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BZFlag version 1.7g0 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2002-12-08 under the title "Holy Dancing Monkeys".


  • -tkkr auto team killer - Dave Brosius
  • world file caching - Colin Bayer, Dave Brosius, others
  • optional tank labels for roaming - Frank Thilo, Tim Riker
  • draw tank lights correctly for (T)(N)(O) tanks - Dave Brosius
  • new GUI options menu - Frank Thilo
  • exclude observers from /idlestats list - Frank Thilo
  • server based scoring - Dave Brosius, Tim Riker
  • max. number of observers now defaults to 3 instead of 0 - Frank Thilo
  • Use high water marks for player cnts to reduce looping - Dave Brosius
  • new bzfs option -tk: team killers do not die - Frank Thilo
  • misc @observer mode fixes - Andrew Greig
  • Improved Mac OS X support - Kevin Avila
  • disallow dud flags (eg jump in a jump world) - Dave Brosius
  • self destruct key, for stuck tanks - Dave Brosius
  • team killers die - Tim Riker
  • increase max player and robot counts - Tim Riker
  • Fix 'Change Key Mapping' arrowkeys - Andrew Greig
  • show the time in upper right if no flag
  • opacity in config - Dave Brosius, Tim Riker
  • [UN]SILENCE - Dave Brosius, Tim Riker
  • revert lag falling patch - Tim Riker, Dave Brosius
  • teamgrab.wav - Dave Brosius
  • improved texture mapping - unknown
  • possible win32 installer bug - Chris Walters
  • gcc 3.1+ patches - David Trowbridge