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BZFlag 2.0.12

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BZFlag version 2.0.12 was aversion of the BZFlag game for Linux and source packages released on 6/25/08. It was released primarily to fix a small number of build issues on various linux distributions, most notibly Gentoo and Debian based systems. There are no new features from 2.0.10.

Change Log[edit]

  • Fix build with -ffast-math avoiding use of isnan for fog - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fix for memory leaks -
  • libGLEW requirement controlled by --with-glew - Alfredo Tupone
  • Actually build with SDL_Image, if required - Alfredo Tupone
  • Remove extra dir separator from cache entries - Jeff Myers
  • Configurable "defaultFOV" (60 deg) for widescreen users - Jeff Myers
  • Adjust shown coordinate for observers - Jeff Myers
  • Use the foghack only if the config says - Jeff Myers
  • Queue spawns after flag captures - Chris Wibble
  • Fix kill callback when is coming from server - Jeff Myers
  • Fix intermix of chat messages and api callback - Jeff Myers
  • Various permission fixes - Jeff Myers
  • Plugins path fixed -
  • Kerberos and thread removed (never used) - Alfredo Tupone
  • Event log fixed - Jeff Myers
  • Workaroung to a driver bug - Jeff Myers
  • Word filtering is case unsensitive -
  • Correctly interface with c-ares 1.5.1 and lower - Alfredo Tupone
  • Not showing a "new rabbit" message when player ID == NoPlayer - blast007
  • gcc-4.3 fixes - Tim Riker, Alfredo Tupone
  • MacOSX: Consistent search of resource files - Sean Morrison
  • MacOSX: update the project to XCode 2.4.1 - Sean Morrison
  • Added _countdownResumeDelay to control resume delay. - Thomas Stauer
  • Slot numbers on scoreboard now appear regardless of hideAdmin - Joshua Bodine