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BZFlag 2.0.16

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BZFlag version 2.0.16 "No foolin", an an older version of the BZFlag game for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux. It was released on 04/01/2010. It is being released primarily to fix some build issues to allow inclusion in redhat based Linux distributions. Additional small security fixes have been added as well. The version is being used to provide a set of binary updates for Windows and OSX, most notably support for Intel based Macintosh computers.

The version contains no new major features.

Change Log[edit]

  • Fix command line options in Windows launcher - Scott Wichser
  • Fix regression in protocol handling by server - Jeff Makey, Scott Wichser
  • Add bullet tails as seen out the viewport - trepan
  • Add observer mouse controls for roaming and tracking modes - trepan
  • Add the /forceradar client-side command for observers - trepan
  • Minor cleanup of source and build system - Jeff Makey
  • Explicitly link to the dl library when needed - Jeff Makey
  • Remove unused dependency on Xi library - Jeff Makey
  • Clarify copyright assignment terms for developers - Jeff Myers
  • Allow only one Enter message per player instance - Jeff Makey
  • Add TimeLimit plugin - Steven Mertens
  • Remove broken vocaliser and obsolete torBlock plugins - Jeff Myers


No it's not a joke, regardless of the release date.