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BZFlag 2.4.6

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BZFlag 2.4.6 "Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight". BZFlag 2.4.6 was released on 06/27/2016 and consists of a few new features for clients and fixes issues on Windows 10 with AMD drivers.

Change Log[edit]

  • regFlag plugin now uses bz_eAllowFlagGrab event
  • RogueGenocide plugin defaults to ignoring rogue self-kills
  • Standardize and update the documentation for bundled plugins
  • Add bz_getRandomPoint to API
  • Correctly handle the keypad keys with SDL2
  • Implement SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH spec in our autoconf system to work towards reproducible builds
  • Include a timestamp in the /savemsgs output filename
  • Added -t option to /savemsgs to add timestamps to messages
  • Added a GUI option to show timestamps on the messages
  • For SDL2, restore the original gamma on exit and reapply desired gamma on window recreation
  • Use SDL2 on Windows for the window/display management
  • Remove hiddenAdmin plugin
  • Add a cycleRadar and cyclePanel key binding command

The full change log can be found at