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The BZFlag Forums are provided as a public service by the project administration for use by the BZFlag community.


The BZFlag Forums are located at


The forums are provided for the discussion of BZFlag related topics, including but not limited to;

  • Help and Technical support
  • New Releases and Version Updates
  • Server Management
  • Plug-in Release and Development
  • Map Release and Development
  • League and Tournament Play.

The forums no longer maintain an Off Topic or "ot" area.

Private Messages[edit]

The forums provide an e-mail-like private message feature. This can be used to send a message to any other user. If the user is using the Global Registration system when they play, recent game clients will notify them that they have waiting messages.


To ensure that users of all ages will be able to participate in the forums, a set of rules has been put in place for all members to follow. The current board rules can be found at

An additional Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQ) thread can be found at

Global Registration[edit]

The forums are used as the user management system for the Global Registration system. This system allows players to use their forum login as a callsign and gain a number of in game features. The "profile" page on the fourms allows users to manage any account information tied to a callsign.


The forums are owned and administrated by the Project Administrators. The project administrators have appointed a number of other administrators from both the playing and development communities.