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Getting help on BZFlag is rather easy. There are a number of places to get help

IRC Chat Room[edit]

The BZFlag communities make heavy use of IRC for communication and collaboration.

The freenode network is used for all IRC communications. Common channels include:

  • #bzflag ( development and support )
  • #bzflag-chat ( general player talk )

A web interface is provided to these channels for registered forum users on the forum main page.

Please see BZFlag on IRC for more info.

Web Forums[edit]

BZFlag hosts a forum for registered users. This also serves as a player registration system for the game.

Quick Start[edit]

Just want to start playing? Get going with BZFlag right away, with this Quick Start page.

Common Support Issues[edit]

The Common Support Issues page lists a number of the common problems with the game, and their resolutions.


The game is documented via a series of manual pages (or man pages).

On Microsoft Windows the manual pages are in HTML format, and are available from the start menu. On Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, they are installed by default and can be accessed by using the man command and one of the following pages:

  • bzflag
  • bzfs
  • bzadmin
  • bzw

Further Support[edit]

If none of these methods provide a resolution to your problem, the project maintains an issue tracker on GitHub where an issue can be opened.

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