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libBZW is a proposed library that will encompass current and future BZW functionality, replacing independant implementations in various applications, including bzfs.


libBZW will be implemented as a static library within BZFlag. Applications/builds depending on libBZW should be within the BZFlag tree as well for sanity's sake (i.e. BZFS will depend on libBZW, and is within /bzflag/src).


  • BZW file parsing


libBZW will initially contain methods and functionality from the following sources:

Just so I can keep track of what files I will need initially, obtained via grep, primitive list.
Need to add summaries of functionality desired to be copied/reproduced/replicated from each file. --Lukstr
  • bzflag/
    • src/
      • bzfs/
        • bzfs.cxx -- Read worlds (via stream/blob or filename), retrieve WorldInfo
        • BZWReader.h
        • BZWReader.cxx
        • BZWError.cxx
        • BZWError.h
        • CmdLineOptions.cxx
      • bzflag/
        • World.cxx
    • tools/
      • modeltool/
        • modeltool.cxx -- Creating/writing bzw files
  • bzwworkbench/
    • src/
      • model/
        • BZWParser.cpp -- Cleaner parser than bzfs?
        • Model.cpp
    • include/
      • model/
        • BZWParser.h
        • Model.h