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Release 1.10 and newer Information[edit]

BZFlag includes support for a central list server. This server monitors all public BZFlag servers. You can get a raw dump of the output from:

* for 1.10 and newer releases
* for just 1.10.x

The BZFlag client does not support HTTP proxy access. This means that you need to be able to resolv to an IP address as well as have outgoing access to the server. If your browser can get there by clicking on the link above but bzflag cannot this may be because your browser is using HTTP proxy information. You can copy the servername and port number from your browser and enter it into bzflag.

Try opening a command prompt and doing a "{{{ping}}}". you should get 4 sucessful pings. If you can't ping the list server but you can get there in a browser, you are using a proxy. As mentioned above, bzflag does not support playing through a proxy.

You might also try "{{{telnet 80}}}" and then typing "{{{GET HTTP/1.0}}}" and {{{<enter>}}} twice.

The list server also listens in port 81. You might read the SquidProxy information on how to try an alternate url in your ConfigFile.

Another possibility is that you are running an application like ZoneAlarm that is blocking internet access for BZFlag. Try disabling any personal firewall applications and running bzflag again. If this fixes the issue re-enable the firewall and get it configured correctly. Do not just remove it permanently.

The db server lists active servers and much more.


ibot, jbot and apt on in #BZFlag and other channels can query the list server. For a list of active servers do:

{{{ibot: bzflist}}}

and for details on a specific server do:

{{{ibot: bzfquery}}}

When you test from a browser make sure you get a complete server list. Compare the list you get to the list at . If your computer is running any sort of web filtering or parental control software, it may filter out some of the results. If this happens you will not be able to see any servers. It is best to turn off any filtering for the bzflag application.

Please update this page with other related information. ;))

Outdated 1.7 Release information[edit]

Now outdated 1.7 releases used this method:

* read which probably has: bzflist:// which is the same as:
* for the actual list server.

You can change the initial URL the game uses to connect to by using a {{{-list <url>}}} option on the command line or by editing the config file the game saves.

On unix that config file is now ~/.bzflag and on windows it is bzflag.bzc which can be found in the users default directory. There will be a line in this file like:


putting {{{-list default}}} will restore this setting to its default value.

There are a number of reasons that bzflag may not be able to find any servers.

* access to is blocked
* access to requires using a proxy which BZFlag does not currently handle
* access to is blocked
* access to requires a proxy.

If you cannot get the list, try accessing the URL: in a browser. The servers are listed there but not in a friendly format.