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We have flags classified as a "Maybe", but some are Red (Pass), Yellow (Fail), and Grey (which doesn't even mean anything in the legend!). We need some clarification from Riker about what to do with the "Maybes".

- Pine (Bentus)

Where to put ideas for existing flags?[edit]

Where do I put ideas for modifications to existing flags? I have this idea that Shield should, when you are hit, make you invincible briefly.

Disappointed that "Flame Thrower" got rejected[edit]

I don't think I explained the effect and appearance well enough because the rejection comment is "shockwave does the same thing beter". My intention with this flag is nothing like SW! The idea was to introduce a new sound and accompanying visual, without it being some absurdly complex or uber-deadly change to the game, as so many of the suggestions here seem to be! The shot would be a bit like a thief beam, but slightly longer in duration, say half a second or so (probably server configurable). Its projection length out of the barrel would be similar to thief, or maybe shorter (again, server configurable). To add some realism, if the turret turns while the flame is emitting, it should "snake" slightly, just like a real flame thrower! The flame should never ricochet. -Steve (Mr Burns 05:17, 27 March 2008 (EDT))

Hoping someone will see this[edit]

Hey, all. I know ideas go on the SourceForge page, and I know some of these may be similar to rejected things, but honestly there are TONS of them and while I attempted to read them all I only got about a fourth of the way through before my eyes crossed. I'm not geared mentally for these sorts of trials, and I apologize if this is seen as rude. (I seriously have a hard time, mentally, with these things.)

I'm hoping it won't be too terrible if I lay out some ideas I've had for flags since I first downloaded the game in the early 2000s...

Let's get the one I KNOW is similar to another right out of the way. I've done it differently, so please do give me a chance.

Flamethrower - The exact way Thief works, but with a kill instead of a flag steal. Short range, but a 'line' instead of a single projectile.

  • This is Laser without the constant problem of nuking yourself with a bad angle. It has great benefit (Laser w/o danger), a drawback (Laser w/o range), and it provides a new style of play to master when you get the flag.

Landmine - Simply a smaller Shockwave on delay, radiating out BEHIND you as you proceed on.

  • Before you reject by saying "Shockwave", note that this is the ultimate evasive flag. It's a counter to being chased down by someone, and much less cheap than mashing the jump key to avoid their bullets. Drawback is no forward firing! Plus it can kill you if you don't move your butt!

Mirror - Front of tank causes riccochet. Rest of tank is still vulnerable. Only works with normal shots. (No effect against super bullet, laser, shockwave, guided missile, etc.)

  • Not related to whether a server has riccochet on or not! The front of your tank bounces projectiles off, that's it. Protects you from face shots, leaving the rest of you open to attack.

X-Ray - You can see through the closest structure, but only in window area.

  • Benefit: X-Ray sight. Drawbacks: Only in window, and only the closest object you're near, like with "Identify", it tracks the proximity. Also, while you're peeping, you'll probably get shot. - However, it's not useless, would be effective for watching Overthruster and Stealth players.

Alternate X-Ray - You can see through any structure, but only in window area.

  • If the proximity thing is too complex or would render it useless, just open it up to all structures. Imagine having the X-Ray flag and going: "WHOA, hey I didn't someone was there!"

Gauss Cannon - Bullet immediately arrives at terminal point (end of life, or enemy/wall) without traveling.

  • Benefit: You're immediately hitting where you aimed. Drawback: If your aim is off, you get NO chance of hitting as bullet travels.

Repulsor - Tanks within radius are repelled from you.

  • This might sound silly at first, but really think about how useful it would be to automatically repell enemies and allies alike. Benefit: They can't get a close shot. Drawback: YOU can't get a close shot. Please really think about the dynamics this would create and how people would learn to use it from both perspectives.

Attractor - Tanks within radius are drawn to you.

  • Opposite of above. I beg you to think about it as a legit feature, not a silly quick thought. Tanks moving toward you quickly, and moving away from you slowly. Benefit is drawing enemies to be shot, drawback is of course drawing them in to shoot you.
  • Either of the last two could work or not work on bullets, depending on preference.

Sonic Cannon - Projecile from the front spreads out in waves in cone shape. Best visual example is the RSS symbol.

  • This is different enough from Shockwave as it's EASY to avoid killing teammates while also not providing the all-around protection! It's a great new benefit/flaw dynamic that BZFlag could really be fun with.

Sticky Charge - When you hit an enemy tank with a bullet, it "sticks to them" (no graphical representation, though) but they can still fire. After a few moments, they detonate with shockwave effect, giving you the resulting kills.

  • I know this is a weird/silly one, but think it over. Benefit: Obvious. Drawback: Takes a few moments, and they (plus others) can easily fire back on you while YOUR shits are just sticking.

Quicksand - Penalty flag. You get burrowed but can't fire. Anyone can run you over!

  • Just a cool concept. Sorry. :X

Lightning - Randomly bending laser with short range.

  • In other words, exactly like lightning. All that would need to be done is to have the existing Laser/Thief line zig-zag randomly as if it were riccocheting within the small area in front of your tank. Benefit: Get tanks to left/right with your crooked, jagged laser. Drawback: It's short range, and random - which makes it tougher to actually aim at one guy.

Alternate Lightning - Lock on, like Guided Missile, but you fire a bending laser that zaps at your target.

  • You get the idea, this is more like real lightning, shooting toward a "lightning rod". Imagine firing this from atop a building like GM. You'd be like a God firing lightning down on mortals! Problem is they might swerve out of the way by a hair, and you're having to lock on before you can do anything useful. (This is like GM + Laser, I know, but think about it?)

That's the tip of the iceberg, but now I'll sit back and see if anyone ever comes here... and if I get yelled at. -- 06:58, 1 May 2013 (UTC) (Mr. Slow)

All of these are rejected ideas for many many reasons --JeffM2501 23:27, 1 May 2013 (UTC)

It's actually not possible that these are already all rejected due to the variations that would come into play. Plus I doubt you even checked, some of these are way out there and probably never suggested before. 23:19, 4 May 2013 (UTC)
The wiki isn't a discussion board, you can talk about ideas on the forums or IRC. --JeffM2501 23:25, 4 May 2013 (UTC)
On the contrary, talk pages are called "Talk" pages because they're talk pages. But I can see there's an anti-input bias, so I'll drop it. 01:29, 24 May 2013 (UTC)