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The current website while functional' does not do a good job of showing game and community activity. It as also not very friendly to new users.

This document will be used to lay out the requirements and design of a possible replacement site. No coding should be done until the design is accepted.



  • Have a news section and show the latest news to users in the main page, (dev blog?)
  • RSS feeds for releases and news
  • Have some kind if announcement/warning system
  • Show current player / server count and maybe the top 5 players online now.
  • Download link to correct version for browser
  • Links to community sites
  • Registration / or registration help
  • Normal self promotion ( screenshots, reviews, description,history)
  • Links / display of store items
  • Active forum topics
  • Links to dev pages, helping out, roadmap, etc...
  • Show "preview release" for beta versions
  • Links to docs and help
  • Webchat?


  • Lightweight, most hit site
  • Secure
  • Translateable?

Optional/Extended Features[edit]

These features don't have to

  • User manager
  • Group manager
  • Server key manager
  • Display of push stats data
  • Common league pages with front page announcement of events/ league news



The design should be focused on the following qualities of bz;

  • Free to play
  • Great Community
  • Play now with your friends
  • Online play
  • Challenge of real people

The main idea to pass across is that the player is joining a community not just getting a single player game. Bz is not the best looking game in the world so large in-game visuals are not the most helpful. The main thing people are going to do is hit the main page and then download the game to try it. They should be able to learn everything they need to start the game from the main page or the download page. This means it has to have text info on it, not just icons. The main page is not a 'splash' page that's you have to click past. Navigation for more information can require a click but it should aways be for expansion of a topic or idea.

Layout should not assume full screen browser and probably work in an 800 x 600 window. Dynamic width is preferred.

The web site itself doesn't need to have That many pages as most of the content is links to other places, forums, wiki, SF, etc.... The web code should not duplicate the features of any other site or service if possible. When snippits of other sections are needed they should Be pulled for a clean API.

Website Managers[edit]

Blast007 and JoeVano should be considered the website/services management team and have aproval of all code/frameworks that are used.