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The BZFlag project provides several resources, including:

  • The #bzflag IRC channel.
  • The BZFlag web page, including the wiki.
  • The BZFlag online forums at
  • The list server
  • Sourceforge resources, including CVS, trackers, forums and mailing lists

Access to these resources is granted purely at the discretion of the developers and project administrators. We're nice people, but since we're working to foster a community, there are a few rules we have to enforce in order to maintain it. If you behave, the BZFlag community can be a tremendously fun and friendly group to associate with.

The BZFlag community is also exceptionally good at protecting themselves from harmful users. If you're acting up, we will get complaints. Any behavior seen as severely detrimental to the community will be dealt with. We'll make a reasonable effort to talk to you before taking any action.

Things we won't tolerate:

  • Derogatory statements with regard to race, color, creed, gender or other bigotry
  • Extreme profanity
  • Using bzflag resources as a personal political soapbox
  • Threats of any kind against us or any member of the community

These resources are for the most part provided at our own expense with our own money and time. This means that we do not owe you anything. The BZFlag community is very good at reporting to us when someone is being a problem. If we ask you to stop doing something, stop doing it. If not, eventually you will be banned. In extreme cases, we may exclude you completely from the community.

If you do manage to get yourself banned, you won't help your case by threatening to sue or inflict bodily harm, throwing a tantrum or performing attacks such as denial-of-service. It's almost unheard of for someone to be banned for a lifetime, and after a while, we'll give you another chance. Threats will only extend the length of your ban.

We're reasonable people, but it takes only a couple abusive players to ruin the game for everyone. If you think we're being unreasonable about something, you're free to argue your case, but we've dealt with a lot of problems, so it's unlikely you'll convince us.

This document is an attempt to clarify our position on use of the resources provided by the BZFlag project. It is not a binding legal document, nor is it an exhaustive list of the things that can get you banned. This document may change without notice at any time.

Game servers are run at the discretion of their respective operators, who may or may not observe these policies.