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On the [[playerlist]], admins have an '''@''' sign next to their name.
On the [[Scoreboard|scoreboard]], admins have an '''@''' sign next to their name.

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An Administrator of a server can start/shutdown the server and edit the many options of it. Usually administrators of a server are the ones who own/run the server or are trusted friends of the owner.


On the scoreboard, admins have an @ sign next to their name.


Administrators can run many commands on the server including the following:

  • /kick
  • /ban
  • /set
  • /flag (reset,give/take)
  • The list continues...

Depending on their level of admin privilege, administrators can also change in-game parameters, for example the pattern on the ground or the shot reload time.

Becoming Admin

Perhaps the number one rule of becoming a server admin is to never ask to become one. Most owners frown upon this and will not consider you for future promotions. You do not need to bring anything to their attention, if they need an admin, they will ask someone if they would like to become one.

Server owners usually only let trusting people become server admins. People who help others, play a lot at the server(s), or can be trusted may be asked to be admin on a server. Just play nice, be friendly and see what happens!

Being a Good Admin

A good admin exhibits several traits. A good admin takes care of vulgar language users, flame wars, spammers and cheaters. The admin supports the server and promotes good and courteous gameplay. Some servers allow the use of strong language; this is usually announced in the server welcome message when you first join.