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An administrator is usually an owner of the server, or are trusted friends of the owner who enforce server rules to make the most of the game. They are there to protect the good players, and get rid of rule breakers, depending on the server rules. The administrator may be able to start/shutdown the server and edit the many options of it, depending on their permissions.


On the scoreboard, most admins have an @ sign next to their name. There is a way, through permissions, for an admin to appear as only a regular registered user with a + and these are called Hidden Admins.


Administrators can run many commands on the server depending on the permissions given to them by the server owner, they may include the following:

  • /kick
  • /ban
  • /banlist
  • /mute
  • /say
  • /set
  • /flag (reset,give/take)
  • The list continues... more in Slash Commands

There are 3 common types of Administrators:

  • Cop (basic administrator)
  • Hidden-admin (administrator that appears as a regular player)
  • Admin (regular administrator)

Becoming an Admin

Perhaps the number one rule of becoming a server admin is to never ask to become one. Most owners frown upon this and will not consider you for future promotions. You do not need to bring anything to their attention, if they need an admin, they will ask someone if they would like to become one.

Server owners usually only let trusting people become server admins. People who help others, play a lot at the server(s), or can be trusted may be asked to be admin on a server. Just play nice, be friendly and see what happens!

Being a Good Admin

A good admin exhibits several traits. A good admin enforces and follows the rules set by the server owner, and does not interfere with honest game play. They also are always vigilant for cheaters. The admin supports the server and promotes good and courteous gameplay. When you find a disruptive player, don't kick or ban right away. If they are using abusive language, then mute them, don't kick them. If they log out, and then back in to avoid the mute, then kick them. Be sure to only kick, mute, or ban someone if they are breaking the specific server rules.