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An administrator on BZFlag has a "@" symbol next to it- most of the time. There are also hidden admins, which appear as regular players but have all permissions. Most of the time if administrators are 'hidden', they co-own the server. That way, people will not know that you have all perms, and therefore, will have better luck at kicking and banning.

some basic admin commands:

/set _mirror /set _skyColor /set _laserAdLIfe /set _fogMode /set _fogDensity /kick randomCallsign /ban coogle 1W /hostban randomCallsign /kill (My favorite)

Administrators also help keep servers safe and in order. I know this because i own one. If you are dreaming of becoming an admin, the one thing you should never do isk ask for the password or ask to be added to a group. It will always end with a ban. Admin's are also very strict about swearing and hacking. If they notice something dodgy, they will question the player, then ban as soon as possible.

If you are not an administrator, and your not registered (or you are, just not admin) you can test your power by doing this in the command prompt: CD C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.10

Then type BZFS -password supersecretpassword -world "DragYourMapFileHere!" then hit enter. It should say, "No speed limit has been set. Players using 'mouse enhancements' might have trouble with this" When your done with that, open BZFlag, then go to localhost port 5154 and connect. Good luck with that though, it is very hard to do (it took me over 4 months). Also, if you have been playing BZFlag for a long time, you have a better chance at being an administrator. A good admin consists of not abusing their privileges, no swearing, and kicking and banning when nessacary. This can be hard for new admins, so give them some time and if they ask to be removed, remove them. It is rare that a BZFlag player wants to be removed, though if they ask you need to do it. Good luck scoring @! ~Sv5731