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An administrator is usually an owner of the server, or are trusted friends of the owner who enforce server rules to make the most of the game. They are there to protect the good players, and get rid of rule breakers, depending on the server rules.

An administrator can also mean an adminsistrator on the forums. Along with server admins, there are also forum admins which moderate the forums. Most of them are also project admins for the project on

The administrator may be able to start/shutdown the server and edit the many options of it, depending on their permissions.


On the scoreboard, most admins have an @ sign next to their name. There is a way, through permissions, for an admin to appear as only a regular registered user with a + and these are called Hidden Admins. For a person to become a Hidden Admin they must have the "hideAdmin" permission. This can be assigned by the owner in the server's group file. Note that for a person to have an "@" they must have either shortBan or Ban permissions, otherwise they will not have an "@" sign.

There is also a plugin called ShowAdmin that allows server owners to show a player as an admin even if they don't have shortBan or Ban.


Administrators can run many commands on the server depending on the permissions given to them by the server owner, they may include the following:

  • /kick
  • /ban
  • /banlist
  • /mute
  • /say
  • /set
  • /flag (reset,give/take)
  • The list continues... more in Slash Commands

Terms have appeared for administrators with various permissions. In general, ones with only a few permissions are called "cop". People referred to as cops often don't have permissions such as ban or flagMaster. Administrators with the hideAdmin permission are often referred as "hidden admin" or "hidden cop". Administrators with more permissions than cops and hidden admins are normally called simply "admin". Sometimes, a server owner will reserve certain permissions for himself only, such as shutdownServer, to protect his server from disappearing off the list server.

Other time server owners will also setup a /password via the -passwd option. This allows them, at any time, to gain full access to the server. If they forget their bzbb password or are using a different account, this can come in handy.

Becoming an Admin

Perhaps the number one rule of becoming a server admin is to never ask to become one. Most owners frown upon this and will not consider you for future promotions. You do not need to bring anything to their attention, if they need an admin, they will ask someone if they would like to become one.

One way to increase your chances of becoming an admin is to register on the forums and participate in the community. Post responses to people's questions. Help out with what you're capable of doing. Getting involved and being noticed as a helpful and good addition to the community is a good way to increase your chances of becoming an admin.

Trust is also an important value to have in an admin. If you are not trustworthy, then being a server admin probably isn't for you. Server owners usually only let trusted people become server admins. If you do something behind the server owner's back or are always trying to get promoted, chances are you will be removed or possibly even banned.

Being a Good Admin

A good admin exhibits several traits. A good admin enforces and follows the rules set by the server owner, and does not interfere with honest game play. They also are always vigilant for cheaters. The admin supports the server and promotes good and courteous gameplay. When you find a disruptive player, don't kick or ban right away. If they are using abusive language, then mute them, don't kick them. If they log out, and then back in to avoid the mute, then kick them. Be sure to only kick, mute, or ban someone if they are breaking the specific server rules.

Being a good admin also means participating in the community! If you have worked hard and participated in the community and are admin on a few servers, don't stop there. Keep participating and help others when you can. Always having a positive attitude can make the difference.

Things to Remember

One bad decision can stay with you forever. Most server owners keep logs of their servers. If they see you repeatedly goofing off, making rash decisions, or supporting rule-breaking behavior, you may be removed as an admin. Make sure that you always do what you think is right. If you're not quite sure, ask the owner.

The magic order: warn, kick, short ban, long ban. This always comes in handy is usually the way to handle misbehavior. Don't ban them right away if they do something wrong unless it was meaningful and completely rash. Usually giving them a warning will resolve some issues. However, if they continue to misbehave, kick them and let them know it was their final warning. If they continue to do wrong, ban them for a short period of time. If you see them again at a different time performing the same bad behavior, re-do the ban with a longer ban length. If a user is using bad language, mute them and give them a warning.

Use common sense. Whenever making tough decisions, do what you think is right and go with your gut. If you perform without thinking, you may be making a mistake. If you have to think over banning a person, it may not be the right thing to do. All questions should be directed to the server owner, however, if there is another admin on they may be able to help out.