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Airspawn is a standard plug-in that is shipped with the source code. It allows the starting, or spawning position of a player tank to be somewhere in the air. Airspawn is included in v2.0.4 and later releases.


When the airspawn is loaded it can take an optional parameter that represents the maximum height variance that will be applied to a spawn position. The default value is 10 world units. With the plugin loaded, the height above ground of tank spawns will be a random value between 0 and the maximum value. The usage is:

-loadplugin "X:\path\to\the\plugin\airspawn.dll,<maxHeight>"

or in an already running game:

/loadplugin "X:\path\to\the\plugin\airspawn.dll,<maxHeight>"


-loadplugin "C:\Program Files\BZFlag2.0.8\airspawn.dll,100"
-loadplugin "/usr/local/bzflag2.0.8/plugins/airspawn.dll,100"

The "-loadplugin" syntax is used in the server configuration file or at the command line when invoking a game server.


Airspawn was the very first plug-in made, it was a proof of concept for the API.