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The arc object is a BZW object that defines an arc or cylinder in the game arena.


To place an arc into your map file, the following template is suggested:

 name example_arc
 divisions 16  # number of subdivisions in the arc
 flatshading  # use flat shading. smooth is default.
 angle 360  # the sweep of the arc. 360 makes a full circle.
 ratio 1  # use ratio to make a hollow arc. the parameter is (outrad - inrad) / outrad.
 position 0 0 0  # the position of the arc (params: x-pos, y-pos, height)
 size 10 10 10  # the size of the arc (params: width, length, height)
 rotation 0  # the angle rotation of the arc.
 shift 0 0 0  # shift the arc (repeatable)
 shear 0 0 0  # (repeatable)
 scale 1 1 1  # the scale of the arc to usual. 1 is default, lower values make it smaller. (repeatable)
 spin angle nx ny nz  # rotate the arc around a vector by angle. ONE of nx, ny, and nz should be 1, the others should be 0. (repeatable)
 phydrv physics_driver_name  # apply a physics driver to the arc
 smoothbounce  # shot bounces use normals
 matref material  # simple way to apply a material to the arc


The arc, by default, has the red brick wall texture on the sides, and the grey roofs of normal boxes on the top. However, using matref, one can change the appearance of the arc.


The arc object has been supported since BZFlag 2.0.0. In previous versions of BZFlag, this object will not work.

Editor Support

Editors that support the arc object include Blender using the BZWTools, Wings3D using the BZW Exporter for Wings3D, and pyBZEdit. BZEdit and BZFed do NOT support the arcs.