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BZEdit is the name of the original GTK based BZW map editor. Originally designed for Linux operating systems, portions of its code base was shared with the Microsoft Windows version of BZEdit, BZEditWin32.


BZEdit provides a graphical representation of the BZFlag world, and tools to place various objects in it. It has tools to create and edit the basic objects that were supported in BZFlag version 1.7. These include:


BZEdit was developed by David Trowbridge aka CaptainProton, in May of 2000. Active development on the project stopped a year or so after. The project is currently abandoned with no active developers. No pre-made binary versions were ever made, but the code is in the BZFlag SVN repository.

Compiling and building[edit]

Building BZEdit has always been notoriously difficult due to it's use of the GTK GLArea for 3d drawing. The GLArea features were deprecated and removed from current GTK versions. This prevents many people from building BZEdit on modern GTK systems. The BZFed project built upon BZEdit and removed the GTK GLArea requirement, allowing it to be built on modern systems, but it too seems to have been abandoned.

Replacement by blender[edit]

The current accepted method of graphicaly editing BZW maps on Linux is using the BZWTools plug-ins for blender, as they provide a full 2.0 compliant editing system on a large number of platforms.