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==See also==
==See also==
[[BZFS Command Line Options]]  
* [[BZFS Command Line Options]]  
* [[BZFS API]]  
[[BZFS API]]  
* [[Plug-ins]]  
* [[Sample conf|Sample Config File]]
[[Sample conf|Sample Config File]]

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This is an article specifically about the BZFS program. For general information on creating a BZFlag server, see Creating a server.

BZFS is name of the BZFlag server application. It is a command line application that can ether be run manually or started from within the game. The server supports a large list of command line options that can be used. All BZFlag games are hosted on BZFS servers, there is no 'single player' game that is run with only a client.

Public Vs. Private Servers[edit]

BZFS can be run in ether a public or private mode. Public servers are listed with the central List Server system and can take advantage of the Global Registration system for user management. Private servers will only be visible on the LAN they are started on. The in-game server menu can only start private servers.

Command line options and Config files[edit]

BZFS uses command line options to set the various modes and options for a game. These options can be specified from the command line prompt of the host OS or inside a plain text configuration file. The path (relative or absolute) to the config file is specified with the -conf option.

See the sample configuration for some examples of command line options. However, it is recommended that you create a configuration file from scratch, and test it every few lines. This will help in the case of configuration errors as you will have only modified a few lines that introduced the error.

World Files[edit]

BZFS can read in BZW formatted map files and use them to define the 3d world the game is played in.

Plug-ins and the BZFS API[edit]

BZFS can be extended by the use of server side Plug-ins. These Plug-ins are runtime loaded DLLs/SO files that use the BZFS API to modify and automate various game logic and settings.

See also[edit]