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[http://bzfx.net/ BZFX] is a game server network, with a commonality being that they use the same rules and administration. BZFX also runs several development projects and offers both paid and free hosting to others.
[http://bzfx.net/ BZFX] is a BZFlag server network. It is owned and operated by [[User:A_Meteorite|A Meteorite]].
== IRC Channel==
= History =
The network maintains an IRC channel on the freenode IRC network [irc://irc.freenode.net/#bzfx #bzfx channel]. This channel is used for most discussions about the network.
BZFX was started in early-2006 by [[User:A_Meteorite|A Meteorite]]. The exact date when BZFX started hosting servers is unknown, but the [http://bzfx.net/ BZFX domain] was registered May 29, 2006 which makes it the official birthday of BZFX.
= Contact =
To contact BZFX directly, you should go to the [irc://irc.freenode.net/#bzfx #bzfx channel] on IRC Freenode.
== Administration ==
If you have been reprimanded by a BZFX administrator, and have a problem with it, '''contact that administrator first'''. Issues can almost always be resolved, but if it can not be, BZFX's owner, A Meteorite, will be contacted. If you need to contact A Meteorite for a reason other than administration issues, see [[User:A_Meteorite|his user page]].
The network is owned and operated by [[User:A_Meteorite|A Meteorite]] and administered by a group of users.
Individual administrators should be contacted for the resolution of issues they are involved in. If a resolution can not be reached, then a user should contact the owner.
[[Category:Server Network]]

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