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BZFX is a BZFlag server network. It is owned and operated by A Meteorite.

Why another server network?

A Meteorite believed that no well-created and managed unified BZFlag server network existed. He believed he could do it better, and others have believed in him and BZFX. Since BZFX has been founded and taken off, several pieces of software has been in development for the higher furthering of BZFlag servers.


To contact BZFX directly, you should go to the #bzfx channel on IRC Freenode.

If you have been reprimanded by a BZFX administrator, and have a problem with it, contact that administrator first. Issues can almost always be resolved, but if it can not be, BZFX's owner, A Meteorite, will be contacted. If you need to contact A Meteorite for a reason other than administration issues, see his user page.


BZFX was started in early-2006 by A Meteorite. The exact date when BZFX started hosting servers is unknown, but the BZFX domain was registered May 29, 2006 which makes it the official birthday of BZFX.


BZFX's rules are strictly enforced. They are not hard to abide by, and that's all BZFX asks of it's players. Playing at BZFX is a privilege, not a right. The rules are quite simple:

  • No cussing or swearing. This includes abbreviations. Basically if the FCC won't allow it (except for a few other words), BZFX won't allow it.
  • No teamkilling. This includes capturing your own team's flag. The only exception to this is if the current game style is HTF.
  • No cheating. This is defined as any source modification to your BZFlag client that gives you an advantage others do not have. Features available in BZFlag's SVN that are not in stable binary releases do not apply.
  • "Wall walking" is considered cheating. Wall walking is using artificial means to go through walls or other objects not intended to go through.
  • Use common sense, don't come to BZFX just to make irritate other players or ruin the general atmosphere.

Players that do not abide by these rules will be dealt with immediately. Possible punishments include muting, kicking, and banning. BZFX administrators are trained to use the appropriate reprimands for each offense and it's severity.

All chat is logged at BZFX servers. You may be reprimanded if deemed fit by server logs. BZFX's rules are to be obeyed at all times, even when an administrator is not around. Also, young kids play at BZFX. One of BZFX's major goals is to be an always family-friendly atmosphere and BZFX will do whatever necessary to enforce that.

If you have been reprimanded for breaking a rule, and would like to contact someone about it, please contact the administrator that did the reparations directly. If you can not find out how to contact them directly, use other modes of contact to get in touch with the administrator. They are more than prepared to deal with issues directly with an offender. If, for some reason, you can not work it out with the administrator, A Meteorite will be contacted. Please note that contacting either the administrator that reprimanded you or A Meteorite will not get you a free ride. The only issue that will be discussed is whether or not you are guilty of breaking a BZFX rule. If you are, then there will always be a reparation for it. The reparation may be lessened, though, if BZFX deems you truly remorseful of your actions.


BZFX servers are administered to the highest standards possible. All BZFX admins and cops are trained in their duties and the rules.

Never ask to be added to a group. It will not happen. Players are selected based on previous experience, behavior, and general people skills. Also, people who contribute to BZFX are generally privileged to a group.


There is a distinct hierarchy to BZFX's administration system. Each group holds a meaning, which is described below.

  • BZFX.hAdmin (Head Admin): The highest group of BZFX, but basically BZFX.Admin permissions wise. It is used for more of a politically correct standpoint. Contains server owners (not map owners), developers, and otherwise large-scale contributors.
  • BZFX.Admin: The second highest group of BZFX. Contains administrators that have been on-board with BZFX for a long time and those who have shown an extraordinary commitment to BZFX.
  • BZFX.Cop: The mainstream group, but certainly not the least group. Our new cops go here until they have more experience with BZFX's ways. People who are valuable, but do not admin as much, may also go here.
  • BZFX.Hidden: A hidden admin group. BZFX uses this for undercover operations and otherwise things that need secrecy. It is also used to catch people who may otherwise act differently if they see an administrator logged into the server.

Current Staff

Below is the current administration staff of BZFX listed in no particular order:

  • BZFX.hAdmin (Head Admin):
    • A Meteorite
    • tadd
    • daniel_jackson
    • Win Xp
  • BZFX.Admin:
    • BinarySpike
    • boofhead
    • Cedric.
    • ducatiwannabe
    • Dumbledore
    • Evil Bob
    • Flutterby
    • High Karate Kitty
    • Lady K
    • Rio_Dj_Narrow
    • Sky King
    • SportChick
    • TD-Linux
  • BZFX.Cop:
    • BIYA
    • brad2901
    • dartman
    • elem3nt
    • G5 Serenity Again
    • Genosse Dark Lord
    • Matt?
    • Rover Blaster
    • SilverFox
    • Slayer++
    • Theme97
    • Think_Different
    • USS Enterprise
  • BZFX.Hidden:
    • BZFX does not reveal these members