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All editors should be bold when editing pages, however, some edits may introduce incorrect information, give poor advice, or add information that does not comply with the Content Policy. The quality of information on BZFlagWiki is extremely valuable, so editors are allowed to revert such edits in good faith. The reverting editor should note the reason for the reversion in the edit summary.

An edit may only be reverted once[edit]

If you find that your edit was reverted, please discuss it on the talk page of that article. If you do not receive a response, you may leave a note on the user talk page of the editor who reverted your edit, asking him to discuss the matter on the talk page of the article. If there is consensus among discussing editors, the reverted edit will be added back into the article.

Revert wars are not allowed[edit]

Violations of this policy are not excuses to follow in suit. If you revert an edit you believe is bad, and the other editor reverts your revert, you are not allowed to revert again; take it to the talk page as per above.

Reverting in violation of this policy may subject the editor to administrative action.