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BZFlag 1.10.2

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BZFlag version 1.10.2 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2003-12-23.


  • improved transparent proxy support for server - Frank Thilo, Alfredo Tupone
  • Stop infinite spawn loop with complex worlds containing big pyramids
  • Misc Swear processing fixes - Sean Morrison
  • Allow banfile to be empty or not exist
  • Don't let zoned tanks flatten Burrowed tanks
  • Don't spawn in multiple locations based on multiple r-clicks
  • Don't get speed kicked ejecting from buildings due to expansion
  • Fix game style menu position
  • Take flipz collisions in account for pyramids
  • Fix Respawning after non-shot kills (Geno, Self Destruct, etc)
  • More caching of BZBD vars - Frank Thilo
  • ServerList uses strict http/1.1 - Frank Thilo
  • Fix playercounts in rabbit mode
  • GM now tracks player in slot 0
  • Relax kick tolerances and soften kick messages - Sean Morrison
  • Better lag stats - Frank Thilo
  • Server-side Autoteam - Sean Morrison, Tupone Alfredo, Frank Thilo
  • Remove bad lite effects with Thief steal
  • Protect against crashes due to bad shot ids
  • Better key binding - Tupone Alfredo, Dave Brosius
  • Relax flag drop time for speed checking - Sean Morrison
  • Better unresponsive player removal messages
  • added kill messages as an option to bzadmin - Lars Luthman
  • let genocided players spawn again - Lars Luthman
  • auto team is now handled solely in the server - Frank Thilo
  • increase averaging for jitter and loss values in lagstats - Frank Thilo
  • mrtg script updated - Tim Riker