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BZFlag 1.10.4

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BZFlag version 1.10.4 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2004-01-24 under the title "not a smurf".


  • Allow user to define quickMessages via the menu system - Frank Thilo
  • Defaults vars are written to config but commented out - Dave Brosius
  • Added -show and -hide options to bzadmin for messages - Lars Luthman
  • Added support for more message types to bzadmin - Ian Agar, Lars Luthman
  • Added menu w/ BZDB editor and playerlist to bzadmin curses UI - Lars Luthman
  • can freeze tod in client, if allowed, via -time hh:mm:ss - Tupone Alfredo
  • Allow variable number team flags per team with +f bzfs option - Dave Brosius
  • Added private and team chat sounds - Sean Morrison
  • Specify a world file on the Start Server menu gui - Sean Morrison
  • Server sends warning to privmsg sender to an invalid target - Lars Luthman
  • bots now fully handle collision check - Tupone Alfredo
  • -filterCallsigns filters email too now - Lars Luthman
  • allow multiple team flags per team thru -c 5 - Dave Brosius
  • -maxidle handles idle / paused players the same - Frank Thilo
  • Added optional density to generated maps - Sean Morrison, Frank Thilo
  • Add pause time to /idlestats - Sean Morrison
  • Notify players when reassigned to a different team on join - Sean Morrison
  • Allow multiple bases per team - Dave Brosius
  • Use cyan for observer messages in old console color mode - Frank Thilo
  • Config file based auto-identify - Tupone Alfredo, Sean Morrison, Frank Thilo
  • List Server checks ip of requesting server - Tupone Alfredo
  • AutoPilot does not base path on stealth echo anymore - Dave Brosius
  • Alt-Tab & resolution changes does not mess up the screen - Tupone Alfredo
  • No shooting allowed if OO flag is lost in a building - Tupone Alfredo
  • Killed player stop drifting & clean dirty tank pieces - Tupone Alfredo
  • Rabbit score changed and values displayed on HUD - Tupone Alfredo
  • Sound samples are resampled since bzflag doesn't - Tupone Alfredo
  • Unclean client disconnects are recognized earlier - Tupone Alfredo
  • Async communication between bzfs and list server - Tupone Alfredo
  • Added bzfs -rabbit option selection algorithm support - Nils McCarthy
  • Added the REQUIREIDENTIFY permission - Nils McCarthy
  • Added bzfs option to deny clients that do not identify - Nils McCarthy
  • Color carried team flags according to their team - Sean Morrison
  • Start of better spawn positions based on tanks - Dave Brosius
  • PNG image writing for screenshots - Daniel Remenak
  • Texture Manager only loads textures when needed - Jeff Myers
  • Renamed and reorganized texture resources - Jeff Myers
  • BZDB alternate image dir added - Jeff Myers
  • Improved transparent proxy support - Alfredo Tupone, Sean Morrison
  • Ground Texture Repeat added to BZDB, default increased to 0.1 - Jeff Myers
  • Added ability to have and use per-team colored textures - Jeff Myers
  • Added support for colored and zoned ground textures - Jeff Myers
  • Hunter tanks try to use "hunter" texture if found - Jeff Myers
  • Hunter tanks are colored orange color if not using a texture - Jeff Myers
  • Menu uses its own image for the arrow, menu_arrow.png - Jeff Myers
  • Rename team based datafiles to have the team in the name - Jeff Myers
  • Map objects search for colored textures and use them if found - Jeff Myers
  • Bases search for colored team textures and use them if found - Jeff Myers
  • Added object-specified texture support for tanks & maps - Jeff Myers
  • Menu Arrow supports animations - Jeff Myers
  • Base wall and top textures - Jeff Myers
  • Hunter name used for kill, lock, and info messages - Jeff Myers
  • Increase resolution of textures to look better - Jeff Myers
  • Add experimental quality setting for enhanced effects - Jeff Myers
  • Turn off tank LOD, and ground grid for experimental quality - Jeff Myers
  • Add sides to the body of the hightank model - Jeff Myers
  • Improve flag texture for high and experimental quality levels - Jeff Myers
  • Increase moon segments for exp. quality - Jeff Myers
  • Replace flag texture with one from pyBZFlag - Jeff Myers
  • Added ability to set flagpole width for exp. quality level - Jeff Myers
  • Don't do teleporter fog when roaming as an observer - Jeff Myers
  • Pull many world textures from pyBZFlag - Jeff Myers