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BZFlag 1.10.6

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BZFlag version 1.10.6 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2004-05-14 under the title "the little hop".


  • Fixed the little hop on spawn at some sites - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixed issue of players add/removing others from groups - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixed false positive filter matches involving apostrophes - Sean Morrison
  • Curing ghost/duplicated/ungetable flag - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixed 0 height flag, no more flags inside buildings - Alfredo Tupone
  • Observers see Masquerade tank with their true color - Alfredo Tupone
  • Password file now supports callsigns with non alphanumerics - Alfredo Tupone
  • Support for building BZAdmin with PDCurses on Windows - Daniel Remenak
  • Correctly read PNG textures with multiple IDAT chunks - Daniel Remenak
  • Add aggressive filtering support for all platforms - Sean Morrison
  • bans based on hostmask (/hostban, ...) when adns is available - Nils McCarthy
  • Fixed bug that allowed empty callsigns - Frank Thilo
  • server option to disallow autopilot - Nils McCarthy
  • Bots drive around corners faster - Frank Thilo
  • Bots aim better, try to evade shots - Frank Thilo