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BZFlag 1.7e1

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BZFlag version 1.7e1 is a version of the BZFlag game that was released on 2001-03-10.


  • optional UDP unicast networking, back-compatible w/ old TCP method - frank
  • GM now leave smoke trail - frank
  • Explosions are larger - frank
  • Scrollback and Line wrap (use pageup/down keys) - Digit1
  • radar tank dots are larger - frank
  • robots have playerxx names and player's email - Tim Riker
  • colorize console messages - Tim Riker
  • robots score when killing 'owner' - Frank Thilo
  • flags under high buildings - Jeremiah Moss
  • "world" section in world from file - Jeremiah Moss
  • dim paused/nr tanks on radar - Frank Thilo
  • fix bzfls for servers on non-5155 - Tim Riker
  • pgup/pgdn support in help menu - Kris Verbeeck
  • stop using signal() as suggested by Frank Thilo - Tim Riker
  • Triple buffering support (actually n way buffering) - XiGraphics
  • Joystick support - XiGraphics
  • teleporter shot handling improved - chestal
  • udp network code reworking to select() on one server port - Tim Riker
  • rogue tank placement on enter - chestal
  • pseudo variable height buildings in cf mode - Tim Riker
  • don't drain and flush audio on solaris - frank
  • alpha Macintosh port - Darrell Walisser
  • quick message support - Kris Verbeeck
  • /kick and /lagstats server messages, -passwd - Frank Thilo