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BZFlag version 2.0.10 is a future version of the BZFlag game that is hoped to be released in October of 2007. It is primarily intended to fix a number of small issues that have been found in 2.0.8 and provide good binary packages for the various Linux distributions.

Bug to fix before release

  • Distance check is faulty

Bug that is good to fix before release

  • End of Shot kick cheat check faulty. Possibly tank signal a double hit on the same frame?

Proposed back ports from 2.1

To help on merging see the 2.1 commit list


  • Implemented Confine Mouse for Windows platforms - Daniel Remenak
  • Implemented fullscreen->windowed mode toggle on Windows - Daniel Remenak
  • Jitter Kick - Thomas Stauer
  • Fixed cross-platform and 64-bit network protocol bug - Andrew McNabb
  • Packetloss Kick - Thomas Stauer
  • First map no longer ignored in Start Server menu - Ravu al Hemio
  • Updated zlib to version 1.2.3 - Sean Morrison
  • Added optional delay before the countdown gets resumed - Thomas Stauer


  • fixed issues on some SMP Linux systems due to bad timekeeping - A. W. Wright
  • Fixed framerate jitter-inducing bug on SMP systems - Sean Morrison
  • Researched and updated BZFlag contributors documentation - Sean Morrison
  • Callsign bans are now handled case-insensitively - Sean Morrison


  • Anti-aliased rendering option - Snick
  • Fixed map line ending parse bug for flag zones - Jeff Myers
  • increased joystick button support to 32 buttons - Markus\
  • framerate independent keyboard turn dampening - Sean Morrison, snick
  • improved French localization - Christophe Henry

Current Change Log

  • Add the rabidRabbit plugin - LouMan
  • Add /packetlosswarn and /packetlossdrop - Thomas Stauer
  • Fixed memory loss for sound sample - Tupone Alfredo
  • Fixed invalid kick speed - Tupone Alfredo
  • Add packet loss kick - Thomas Stauer
  • Fix a segfault when re-joining - Tupone Alfredo
  • Add the rabbitTimer plugin - L4m3r
  • Fix a segfault when re-joining from observer - Tupone Alfredo
  • Fix the build system to be more distro friendly - Tupone Alfredo
  • Fixed high fps problem - Frank Thilo
  • API calls to reset bzdb - Jeff Myers
  • API call to get the player pause state. - Jeff Myers
  • API calls to reload bans, and other files - Jeff Myers
  • API event for shot ends - Jeff Myers
  • API command to move a flag - Jeff Myers
  • add API exposure for lag, jitter, and packetloss - Jeff Myers
  • Add koth plugin - LouMan
  • Add timedctf plugin - LouMan
  • Add teamflagreset plugin - LouMan
  • Add keepaway plugin - LouMan
  • Add wwzones plugin - LouMan
  • fix compiler problem with gcc-4 - Tupone Alfredo
  • torBlock plugin added - Jeff Myers
  • flagStay plugin added - Jeff Myers
  • Give everyone notice of pause messages - Jeff Myers
  • Fix for /silence command - Skeeve
  • Fix mousebox edge positioning - Mark Thomas
  • Fixed on spanish localization -
  • Instructions to fix sound on ALSA added - Tupone Alfredo
  • Change filename format for easier location of matches - uso
  • Add jitter kick - Thomas Stauer, backported by uso
  • Global banlist reload with local banlist - uso
  • Added more info for observers - Jeff Myers
  • Fix to spawned and lag attributes in bz_updatePlayerData - Matthew Marshall
  • Ability to change the killer in a PlayerDieEvent - Matthew Marshall
  • Added shotID to bz_PlayerDieEventData - Matthew Marshall
  • Expose the countdown and game time stuff to the api - Jeff Myers
  • Backport the record stop function from 2.1 - Jeff Myers
  • Backported WW GMs from 2.1 - Matthew Marshall
  • Converts box & pyramids to mesh if required - Anonymous
  • Allows leading face specification (x+,x-,y+,y-,z+,z-) - Anonymous
  • Authorization is invariant to case - Anonymous