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BZFlag version 2.0.14 "This isn't the release you are looking for", is the current maintenance version of the BZFlag game for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux. It was released on 02/15/2010. It is being released primarily to fix a number of small issues that have been found in 2.0.12, and to replace the fonts due to licensing issues. The version is also being used to provide a set of binary updates for Windows and OSX, most notably support for Intel based Macintosh computers.

The version contains no new major features, but does have a few bugfixes and back-ports from Version 3.

Change Log[edit]

  • Add Options -> Display -> AntiFlicker option - trepan
  • Add Options -> Input -> Confine Mouse (MotionBox) - trepan
  • Adjust advanced ground rendering for texture flicker - trepan
  • Change the default stencil bitplanes to 1 to fix stencil shadows and various other stencil features - trepan
  • Backport fix for /idbanlist and /hostbanlist crashes - trepan
  • Add support for gcc-4.4 and libtool-2.2 - Jeff Makey
  • Update to Microsoft Visual C++ 9 from 8.0 - Jeff Myers
  • Update to directInput 8 from 7 - Jeff Myers
  • Fix player ghosting failure - Steven Mertens
  • Provide API support for using bz_moveFlag on team flags - Scott Wichser
  • Add pushstats plugin for future statistics gathering system - Jeff Myers
  • Increase restrictions on incompletely joined players - Jeff Myers, Scott W.
  • Announce saved file name in recordmatch plugin - Jeff Makey
  • Fix buffer overflow in menu subsystem - Jeff Myers
  • Fully support glob-style wildcards in hostbans and make name comparisons case insensitive - Bryan Jennings
  • Properly limit maximum message size in /showgroup command - Jeff Makey
  • Reset team scores in case of a capture during a countdown - Jeff Makey
  • Block spoofed /me messages - Scott Wichser
  • Keep flags within the world boundary - Jeff Makey
  • Add the "roamView" BZDB variable - trepan
  • Change fonts to DejaVu - Jeff Myers, Tim Riker
  • Source cleanup - Tim Riker