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BZFlag version 2.4.0 "Wake the Dead", is the current maintenance version of the BZFlag game for Windows, Apple OSX, and Linux. It was released on 07/03/2011 after a long period of development inactivity.

This new version is incompatible with previous versions of the game. The primary goals of the release were to fix a number of bugs that required changes to the gaming protocol and clients as well as to get development moving again. It should be noted that this is the first version of BZFlag that had a development plan and release schedule.

The version contains a number of new features.

Change Log

Some of the major features include:

  • The ability to turn off teamkilling on the server
  • The OpenFFA game mode which is a teamless FFA, meaning you can shoot anyone regardless of color
  • Per-object ricochet, which lets map authors selectively enable ricochet for individual objects
  • Removal of local authentication
  • Ability for the server to force flags to be hidden on the radar
  • Fog can not be turned off
  • The screenshot code does not lag the client badly anymore
  • The ID flag identification was moved to the server
  • Public servers must have a -publickey
  • Polls only count users that are able to vote

The full changelog can be found at


2.4 has requires server owners to take note of a few upgrade steps in order to move from 2.0.x to 2.4

A general overview of the upgrade procedure can be found on the BZFS 2.4 Upgrade page.


The BZFS API received a major overhaul in 2.4 and is incompatible with older plug-ins, upgrade information can be found on the BZFS API 2.4 Upgrade page.