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BZFlag verison 2.2 is the next planned release BZFlag.


Version 2.2 is currently in development and marked as version v2.1.x. Upon release it will be marked as version v2.2. The primary goals for this version are improved server side stability and security in an effort to minimize the impact of clients that have been modified to provide there users benefit ( aka, cheating ). Additional efforts are being made to extend the server side customization of the game. v2.1.x and v2.2 are completely incompatible with all previous versions of the game. Users of v2.2 will only be able to play on 2.2 servers. This is similar to how v2.0 was incompatible with 1.10.


Development began on 2.2 on October 25th 2005. After an initial rush of changes, development stalled, as a number of bugs were found in the current release build of the time (BZFlag 2.0.4:v2.0.4). These bugs and problems, as well as a number of graphical changes from treapan necessitated the release of a compatible BZFlag 2.0.6:v2.0.6 and BZFlag 2.0.8:v2.0.8 releases.

Development has picked up some, but is still slow.


v2.1 has a number of server side features that make for a much improved gameplay experience. Features such as

  • Flag pickups
  • Identify
  • Pausing
  • Water Death
  • Shot type
  • Bots

have all been moved to the server, preventing a modified client from changing the outcome of the game logic. Additional features are planed to be moved server side, including shot, hit, and death detection.

A number of small checks and fixes have been put in to verify the game state as well.

Changes have been made to the graphical quality settings. What was Experimental quality in 2.0.8 is now High quality. Medium quality is between the old High and Medium, and Low has remained mostly unchanged.

The new Experimental mode includes new shot and flag graphics. Examples of the new shots (internally called, GeoBolt and GeoLaser) can be seen here.

It should be noted that the new shot graphics are not for people with older or slower video cards.

A full list of changes can be found in the NEWS file in the BZFlag Source code in CVS.

v2.2 and Mac OS X

Version 2.2 will be the first version of BZFlag to ship as a universal binary to run on both the Intel and PPC based Apple Macintosh computers. Due to this, the developers will only be actively supporting and building for Mac OSX 10.3 or later. Users of 10.2 will need to build there own versions of the game from the source code, and possibly modify the build system to work on there older version of OSX.

Known Issues

A lot of stuff needs testing, and probably doesn't work.

Release Date

2.2 will be released when it is done. At present a number of major features need to be implemented before the release has enough "stuff" warrant a new release.