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This page is incomplete and will be filled in with proper information as soon as our CVS to SVN transition is complete.

BZFlag SVN, is the Subversion Revision Controll System used by the development team to maintain and store the BZFlag Source code. The SVN system is hosted by SourceForge and is accessible by anyone with the proper software.

SVN clients

To access the source code via SVN , you will need a SVN client. Most unix/linux type operating systems have the command line SVN client as an installable option. Windows users must download a third party SVN client, such as the Tortoise Graphical SVN Client.

Geting code from SVN Access

Command line

The simplest way to get all the bzflag source code for every module is to simply get the entire trunk

  svn co bzflag

This will get all modules and subdirs. This will take a while. It is often more efficient to only get the subdir for the module you are interested in.


Windows users that use the Tortoise Graphical SVN Client, should do stuff.

Commiting Code to SVN

Project developers that need write access to the source code to make changes ( or commits ) need to provide there sourceforge username and password when doing a SVN commit. A sourceforge account is required for developer access, as well as approval from a project administrator.

Command Line


Windows users that use the Tortoise Graphical SVN Client, should do other stuff

Updating code from SVN to the current version

svn up is your friend.

Module sub directories

The source code in SVN is broken up into a number of modules for ease of use and management. When requesting the source code from the SVN system a sub-directory may be specified to limit the code that is accessed.

The current SVN modules are:


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