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The official BZFlag org. and it's associated communities use the freenode IRC network for communication and collaboration.


Official channels

BZFlag maintains 2 official channels run by the org.


The #bzflag channel is the primary development and support channel. The major developers and many long time community members are users. Discussions in the channel range from development and coding discussions to technical support and bug reports. #bzflag is a great channel to discuss new features and bugs. The channel is moderated by the project administration and development staff. This channel is not for help with specific servers or administration issues


The #bzflag-chat channel is a more informal channel designated for player community discussions.

Other channels

A number of players, servers, and leagues have their own channel for more focused discussion. Some of these include:

Please note that teams,leauges and groups should create channels that begin with ## to follow the freenode "about" channel policy.

An unofficial bzflag channel is run on

  • #bzflag (unofficial support channel for BZtank servers)

IRC Clients

To access the IRC network you need to use an IRC client. is an excellent resource for more information on general IRC.

There is a BZFlag-hosted IRC client at

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