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This page is to describe the changes that have been made to the RoboCode-compliant part of the API to accomodate how BZFlag works.

API Changes

Behaviour changes

  • execute() - No longer "blocks" until the action is completed - it returns immediately unless you're currently completing an action. This also goes for other functions, see their relevant protocol messages in BZRobots/Protocol ("Steady-state required?"). This is because BZFlag is realtime (and RoboCode isn't).

Name changes

  • getHeight() - Renamed to getLength(). This is because "height" in three dimensions refers to an different axis than what getHeight in two dimensions (and RoboCode) refers to.

API Additions

  • getZ() - Returns the Z position of a tank
  • getLength() - Previously the "height" in the RoboCode API, this returns the length of a tank from the tip of the barrel to the rear of the tank.

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