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This page is to collaborate on ideas for the BZRobots Programmable Computer Player Client

Suggested ideas[edit]

API functions[edit]

  • Provide an API for visual targets based on the same rules a player would see.
    • This would only apply to maps using flags
  • Provide global, team, admin, and report chat APIs so bots can communicate just like players, perhaps with some parsing helper functions.


  • Allows input of coordinates/properties from stdin, so info from other apps, gps, etc. can be pumped into the bot
    • What to do when multiple bots are running in the same client?

Accepted ideas[edit]


  • Be able to load multiple modules.
    • A small amount of work in bzrobots client should make this happen

Rejected ideas[edit]

API functions[edit]

  • Have methods to compute travel paths to desired locations, with updates for moving targets.
    • (Rejected as it defeats the purpose of BZRobots as an AI learning tool)
  • Add a getTank(callsign) function
    • (Rejected due because BZRobots now supports the onScannedPlayer event)