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This page describes the BZRobots Enhanced Protocol that forms the internals of the BZFlag Programmable Computer Player Client


The BZRobots client currently consists of two parts called the "backend" and the "frontend". The "backend" is a lightweight game client that communicates with BZFS. It also runs a lightweight line-by-line text-based server, on which commands can be sent to control a robot. The "frontend" is an instance of a BZAdvancedRobot, including the necessary parts to communicate with the "backend".

Available Commands[edit]

See the BZRobots/API for the commands currently available to the BZRobots protocol.


Eventually, in an effort to simplify the internals of BZRobots, the "frontend" and "backend" will likely be altogether removed, thereby eliminating the internal protocol. It is recommended to develop bots in C or Python using the published API, rather than attempting to develop a seperate client for the BZRobot backend.