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BZTourney is a potential collaborative tournament put on by the combined efforts of several server networks. It is currently planned to be a one-time event.


Plans for how the tournament will be organized, which gamestyles will be used (or new ones to be created), how scores will be attributed and judged, etc. are currently underway. Please feel free to contribute ideas!

Server Organizations

The following server organizations have agreed to be named as sponsors of this tournament. Please add your server organization name here if you plan to contribute.

  • BZFX
  • Divibox
  • BZFlagr
  • norang


Oversight of the planning and development proccess will take place under the watchful eyes of the leaders of the member server organizations. There are currently no plans to have one person be given ultimate authority over the project.

In-game administrative privileges will be granted to the project leaders and to those admins who are most-trusted (as agreed upon by the project leaders). Due to the importance of selecting admins with integrity that will not act inappropriately in the middle of the tournament, only admins who are highly-trusted will be selected.


According to the current plan, one or more maps will be created from scratch for this tournament. We are hoping to acquire the skills of four or five (or more!) mappers to create these maps, and will be looking for users to test them once they've reached the appropriate stage.


A project like this will require a lot of work to setup. The following are some ideas for features we'd like to see in these categories.

Web Site






Task List

If you think something needs to be done, please add it here. To sign up to help with something, please add your name below it. All entries should be in the following format:

Scoring algorithm

Category: Plugins/Web

Description: We will need to develop a method for allocating and tracking player scores. This will be especially true for non-FFA games, where points should be allocated for carrying/capturing flags, etc.

Stage: Planning


Assigned to:

  • AAA

Sample Idea

Category: Mapping/Plugins/Scripting/Web/etc.

Description: Description of idea.

Stage: Planning/Implementing/Completed

Notes: Any notes.

Assigned to:

  • Contributer1
  • Contributer2