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CoAM is a BZFlag group. CoAM stands for "Community of American Mapmakers". To visit the CoAM website, click HERE


The founder of CoAM is BigOldBadBucko.

The CoFounder and Proud Host of CoAM is TJ13820.

To See our Super Admins click HERE

To See our JR.Admins click HERE

To See our Cops click HERE

Links To CoAM Related websites

~CoAM Official Main Website CoAM Website

~CoAM Official Forums CoAM Forums

~CoAM Official Chatroom CoAM Chatroom*NOTE* That CoAM chatroom is an IRC Channel. #coam

~CoAM Server Statistics CoAM Server Statistics

~CoAM Members CoAM Members

~CoAM Official News CoAM News

~CoAM Official Gallery CoAM Gallery

Contact CoAM

You may contact us through our Forums or you may enter our IRC Chatroom.

To send an E-Mail to CoAM contact

To contact TJ13820 send an e-mail to