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CoAM is a BZFlag group. CoAM stands for Community of American Mapmakers.


The founder of CoAM is BigOldBadBucko. The co-founder and host of CoAM is TJ13820.

CoAM Services

Contact CoAM

You may contact us via

  • Forums: Forums
  • Irc Chat: IRC Chatroom
  • E-Mail:
  • Private Messages to either TJ13820 or Big Old Bad Bucko

Server Information

  • Web - CentOS server 5.x on virtual host System Information
  • Game - CentOS server 5.x on virtual host

All servers were migrated to new OS/s from 10/10/08 to 11/10/08 and tested for stability. New maps are being added now and mapmakers are encouraged to submit works to either TJ13820 or Ha You Got Shot By Me.