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*01.bztank.net:5154 - [[The Two Tanks]]
*01.bztank.net:5154 - [[The Two Tanks]]
*02.bztank.net:5155 - [[Castle Warfare]]
*02.bztank.net:5155 - [[Castle Warfare]]
*03.bztank.net:5156 - Bloodbath
*03.bztank.net:5156 - A*A Bridge Crossing - Can you make it?
*04.bztank.net:5157 - INCOMING! - Run for your life!
*04.bztank.net:5157 - LaserMania - Classic BZflag!
*05.bztank.net:5158 - A*A Bridge Crossing
*05.bztank.net:5158 - LouMan's Mystic Valley - Magical!
*06.bztank.net:5159 - LouMan's Mystical Valley - Magical!
*06.bztank.net:5159 - Missile War - The Original Four Team CTF!
*07.bztank.net :5160 - High Rise Havoc - Don't  
*07.bztank.net:5160 - Roundabout - Don't get dizzy!
*08.bztank.net: 5161 - Missile War - The Original Four Team CTF!
*08.bztank.net:5161 - INCOMING! - Run for your life!

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BZtank is a BZFlag server network located in London, United Kingdom.


BZtank was founded in 2007 by current server owner Benfish to improve the gaming experience for non-North American players, and to create a fun and open online community. BZtank quickly became very popular amongst international BZFlag players due to its central location, providing good ping times to gamers throughout Europe, Asia, and India. Many North American players, however, frequent the server as well, creating a unique player dynamic. The server network hosts several popular maps, and often carries the largest cumulative player load in BZFlag.

Current Maps

BZtank currently hosts eight maps:

  • 01.bztank.net:5154 - The Two Tanks
  • 02.bztank.net:5155 - Castle Warfare
  • 03.bztank.net:5156 - A*A Bridge Crossing - Can you make it?
  • 04.bztank.net:5157 - LaserMania - Classic BZflag!
  • 05.bztank.net:5158 - LouMan's Mystic Valley - Magical!
  • 06.bztank.net:5159 - Missile War - The Original Four Team CTF!
  • 07.bztank.net:5160 - Roundabout - Don't get dizzy!
  • 08.bztank.net:5161 - INCOMING! - Run for your life!


In addition to playing BZFlag, many members also actively participate in the BZtank community. The BZtank forum is a popular hangout, where players discuss maps, strategy, BZ artwork, and non-game related topics. BZtank also maintains the #bzflag IRC channel on irc.stormcenter.net which can be accessed directly through the BZtank homepage via web interface, or with any standard IRC client.

Admin Staff

Network Owner: Benfish, Head Admin: joevano and senior admin Swigg
Cops Admins Trusted Admins
Jonathan4 ahs3 Mets
Duck Season allejo Tedius
Murielle ALEX France temporal distraction
Zen_Master Bisque Think_Tank
Cruel Dog Warinthestar
daniel jackson
drunk driver
G5 Serenity Again 2008!
Grand Hustla
High Karate Kitty
Sky King
that exploding tank
. jadespacy

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