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  -banfile filename.txt
  -banfile filename.txt
to the [[BZFS]] [[BZFS Command Line Options|configuration]].
to the [[BZFS]] [[BZFS Command Line Options|configuration]].
It is also possible to specify a Master Ban URL location like so:
-masterBanURL http://www.bzflag.org/master-bans.txt
Note that the URL specified includes the master bans the BZFlag developers have noted as cases where a [[Master Ban]] was necessary.
==Managing the Banfile==
If the ban files are ever updated outside of the game, or if you have multiple servers using the same ban files, they will need to be updated manually every time they change.
One method of doing this with administrative privileges is to run the '''/reload''' command in-game like so:
/reload bans
The second method is to load the [[Server Control]] plugin which would automatically perform a ban reload upon ban updates. You can view the plugin's wiki page for more details on setting it up.

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