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The banfile is a file in which a list of banned player accounts and IP addresses are saved. Server administrators may issue bans to players who use foul language, Team Kill, use a cheat client or who behave inappropriately or against the spirit of the game.

Creating a Banfile

A server administrator wishing to use a banfile (eg: filename.txt) would add:

-banfile filename.txt

to the BZFS configuration.

Banning Players

Before banning a player, it is advisable to warn them (using /warn). A ban may not always be necessary, and should be used as a last resort.

A server administrator would ban a player by either:

  • using the /ban command in an in-game chat window or
  • editing the file while the server is off

The administrator may specify a duration for the ban, or ban a player indefinitely. A reason for the ban may also be specified, which will be used for reference in server logs and sent to the player.

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