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Bloodbath is an elongated Capture the Flag map by R3lax. It features extremely powerful flags and frequent team-domination, suiting it to the title "Bloodbath".


Bloodbath has a limited radar view, custom textures, and interesting yet simple 2.0 objects including cones, arcs, and meshes. Some specific areas of the map include:

  • The stealth hole - can be referred to as "the hole," or simply "in," as in "r ST in" (red stealth) this contains Stealth, Cloaking, Seer, and Masquerade flags
  • The tower - sometimes referred to as the "base" or the "castle," as in "bSW is in our base!"(blue Shockwave is in the tower) It is placed in the center behind the team-base and hold Guided Missile, Super-Bullet, and Shockwave flags.
  • The tracks - also "transporters" or "highways."
  • The middle -or "mid" In the middle is where the Geno flag is found, as well as Narrow, Tiny, Shockwave, and Super-Bullet.
  • The crack - This is where the team flag is usually placed since it requires the Narrow flag to retrieve. It is immediately behind the team-base.


Tactics rely heavily on team support. One player can not be successful alone and it is almost impossible to capture the flag without team coordination.

  • Control the middle - the two most important flags are in the middle: Geno and Narrow. The team that dominates the middle usually dominates the map. Because it is usually impossible to capture the flag without the Narrow flag, the action is centered around the middle.
  • Sniping is a common tactic, especially to those new to the game. Grab the laser flag, hit the binocular key and support those who are fighting for the middle.
  • Beware of the Geno! It is important that everyone on a team is careful not to get hit by a Genocide bullet. Chat is useful here, pay attention when someone says "geno mid" (enemy with Genocide is in the middle). "Hunt" the player with the genocide flag and avoid them. Conversely, allow a teammate carrying the geno flag to shoot an enemy.
  • Camping (laser camping, spawn-camping, base-camping) is a part of the game. Although it may be looked on as a lame way to rack up points, direct your energy toward eliminating the camper rather than complaining about them. Again, teamwork is crucial.

Map History and Information[edit]

Created by R3laX, the original style of play has changed little in its revisions. The location of the crack and the shape of the stealth hole have been the important changes. The current version is 2.3 featuring a rounded stealth hole and additional Tiny and Masquerade flags.