Boxy War

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Boxy War is a Blue vs Red 2 team CTF map.


The bases are two castles situated across from each other with two smaller structures containing SW flags on their left and right. Inside the base, L flags are found on the first two levels, a sniper spot on the third level, and SE, MQ, CL, and ST flags on the top level. GM flags are located in front of the bases on small boxes attached to the bases. Three cones are located in the base to prevent laser ricochets from becoming out of hand. Giant pyramids can be found between the two bases along with an X shaped stucture supporting a box containing OO and 1 G flag. This is surrounded by transparent trapezoidal shaped meshes.


  • Take control of the middle section. Geno is critical to this map, the team with the middle has it and as long as they keep it, the enemy will have a hard time winning.
  • Have laser snipers everywhere. Have at least 1 on each side of the base aimed at the upper exit to their base and preferable also have 1 on each of the enemy's SW buildings.

Once these two keys are in place, your opponents will have a hard time even leaving their base.

Flag Placement[edit]

The flag should either be placed on the top section of the base on the back wall, or in one of the bottom corners of the base. Each spot has its own pros and cons.

Top Pros[edit]

  • Hard to reach
  • Time consuming for enemy

Top Cons[edit]

  • Easy exit for enemy
  • Hard to shoot enemy once at the flag

Bottom Pros[edit]

  • Easy to shoot enemy
  • Hard escape for enemy

Bottom Cons[edit]

  • Easy for enemy to grab flag

Map History[edit]

The original Boxy War was created in late 2005 by BinarySpike. The base design was fundamentally different than the latest incarnation of Boxy War, along with significantly different corners and the lack of the SW flag. Several months later, development of the map took on a new beginning by A Meteorite and TD-Linux, and the previous map was totally scrapped – leaving only some of the basic principles in place.

In July of 2006, pyramids around the Geno area were replaced with a clear mesh containing the Boxy War logo along with the removal of bad flags from the middle, replacing them with OO flags. Blue beams known as plasma forks were also added to the top section, turning you tank into "A hearty soup of ions" when touched.

In the Fall of 2006, L flags and a new spawn zone was added to each side of the base due to the challenge of exiting base when on the losing team.

In late 2006 or early 2007, the map went through its biggest change. OO flags around geno were replaced with obesity flags. These flags could only be removed by leaving the middle section. MQ flags were added on the roof of each castle. Geno was given unlimited shots, but only allowed one kill. Laser was limited to 100 kills. These changes to the map, along with a brand new 4 team CTF map (Missile War), caused the decline of the once popular map.

The changes were reversed after about one month, keeping the MQ flags though, but by this time, Boxy War was losing popularity.

Boxy War Today[edit]

Boxy War is currently no longer hosted.