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BZFS API Documentation This page contains part of the BZFS API documentation for use by Plug-ins on the BZFS server.

BZFS Event. This page documents a BZFS event that is called by the game server to notify plug-ins of various actions and state changes in the game world.


The bz_eGetPlayerSpawnPosEvent is an API event that is called each time the server needs a new spawn position.


bz_eGetPlayerSpawnPosEvent returns the bz_GetPlayerSpawnPosEventData_V1 data class.

name type value description
eventType bz_eEventType bz_eGetPlayerSpawnPosEventData
playerID int ID of the player that is requesting the spawn position.
team bz_eTeamType The team the player is currently in.
handled bool The current state representing if other plug-ins have modified the spawn position. Plug-ins that modify the spawn position should set this value to true to inform other plug-ins that have not processed yet.
pos float[3] Position where the player will be spawned. This value is initialized to the server computed spawn position using the current spawn rules.
rot float The rotational direction that the player will be spawned at. This value is initialized to the server computed spawn rotation using the current spawn rules.
eventTime double The server time at which the event occurred (in seconds).


This is a modification event, plug-ins may change the pos and rot fields to effect changes in the spawn position that is used for the player.